Need a sophisticated telephony network, with multi line technology, individual voice-mail (email to users on the go) Integrated switch options – out of office answer services. Need users to work from home, but be on the company’s telephone network. Use Eserve IT Hosted VOIP.


If you are looking for a fully managed telephony service to install into new premises or to replace or enhance your existing system, with minimal or no capital expenditure, then a Hosted VoIP system is the ideal solution for you.


Benefits of a Hosted VoIP system

  • Cost effective: Using Hosted VoIP removes the need for capital expenditure and ongoing costs associated with a traditional system
  • Lower call charges: 40% savings are often seen by our customers
  • Fully managed: Monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Unlimited growth: No need to worry about network capacity issues or expensive system upgrades, additional lines can be made available simply by accessing your online account
  • Multiple locations: Desk-to-desk dialling and feature interaction is supported across all sites included free inter-office calls
  • Future proofing: Hosted VoIP customers are protected against their network investment becoming obsolete, as we continue to invest in the latest technology
  • Remote working: Benefit from the flexibility of being able to work from home and other locations via internet connections and other offices on the internal network