Jul 14


Security Update – visiting Websites  – Banks – Client Servers – Databases – Online purchases.





You may have seen articles in the press around SSL security (see BBC report above). We would like to inform you that we have test your servers and have NOT found any affected versions of OpenSSL BUG.

Given that we have not had to make any changes there is no urgent need to change your computer logon passwords. However, we would recommend that you change ALL financial website passwords or any websites that hold any of your confidential data.  Also we would recommend that you install the ANY bank security software examples – HSBC Rapport – Barclays Kaspersky  – Please refer to your bank or financial site for more information. We can help install additional software they recommend, but this needs to be actioned from your accounts team as we don’t hold any banking info from your site.

Also, more important, Please make sure that staff do NOT give out passwords to each other, either for their PC’s /Laptops or website logons.